An incredible explosion of energy frees from doubt’s chains of and fears, allowing you to overcome difficulties. This is an irrepressible leap towards the goal when you go on and do it! Rage will secure victory in sports or broken furniture. Learning to control this beast is not easy, however, this skill allows you to choose where to direct the rage: to destroy or to create your life.

2019 / MetaCreature

2019 / Wacom
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I chose a griffin for this rage dash image. His track record from classical mythology fits the role perfectly. Particular emphasis is on powerful clawed paws. Remember yourself in a rage, how this energy felt in your hands?

The unique style combines abstraction and figurative, to convey feeling through the psychological perception of colour and shape, leaving the viewer free to imagine. Looking at the picture, everyone ends it in their own way, choosing associations from personal experience. A lot of details that you won’t get tired of looking at, because every time, you will notice something new and exciting!

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