This is a story about focusing attention around a sphere of interest. An amazing depth of detail into which you can plunge into and enter this contemplative state!

/ «Mystical Beasts» cycle: each animal reflects certain human’s feelings and states.
/ 2019 / #BayraStyle

2019 / Wacom
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An alternate colour version has been created for this painting:

I chose the oriental dragon because it resonates well with the presented state.

Beast's design is created through the interpretation of the historical-cultural traditions of the peoples of the Asian region.

While working on this painting, I experimented most of the time with poses and gestures in such a way as to emphasize the metaphor of the state and moment's beauty.

The beast is immersed in patterns, just as we are immersed in details, concentrating our attention. You can enjoy this state by focusing your attention on any detail in this picture.

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This painting is a collector’s item Giclée level. It printed on a premium paper with a high-tech that captures every detail. Each print is numbered, signed with the artist’s personal seal with a protective pattern (visible in ultraviolet rays) and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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85 ✕ 120 cm, Limited Edition of 3 (allis unique) / 1 300$

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This Limited Edition may contain some unique prints, but total quantity of all prints will not exceed a size-edition limit. Unique print — a painting special artistic version, in a single specific size impression, without further replication. You purchase exactly art version that you see on this site for purchase moment. 2 cm outer white border on over 59,5 cm image sizes.