Remember how a full tank of motivation transforms your body into a machine?

2020 / MetaCreature

«Speed is an oldest animal lurking inside everyone» — Lawrence of Arabia. For metaphor, I chose a cheetah, an associative symbol of a fast animal, and expressed it through a technological guise, because due to technology, people have learned sensations of acceleration on a new level. Via the character design, his plasticity, foreshortening, colours and details shapes, I talk about sensations, arise when a mind is charged with an idea, and therefore a body begins to move faster. Energy fills a body, making it light and strong, things get done faster! These feelings work in reverse order: a speed feeling in a car can inspire!

The detail’s chaos in reveals a local aesthetics, and it is created so that all the details make a single harmonious image. Therefore, the picture can be viewed both as a whole and deep into it, each time discovering something new for oneself.

It was important to keep a cheetah recognizable while still giving him unique traits In the character’s design. Taking inspiration from sports cars design, I conveyed their features in the beast’s body shape, enhancing visual aerodynamics and power.

In order to find the angle and form that best reveals the sense of volume and speed, I studied many videos and photos with cheetahs and racing cars. I looked at what shapes, angles and colors were best associated with speed.

I created many sketches, from which I sequentially chose those where the desired was conveyed better.

This last right slide shows Neowise. When I was working on this picture, this comet flew over red clouds of a night city. I added it to this picture as a part of the story.