«WAVE» is a modern high-quality recording Studio for modern talented musicians and singers. In this project I developed a brand in the spirit of the time of advanced creative personalities. I was inspired by how the vibrations of a musical instrument in the hands of a musician can Express emotions and energy. As do the singers, bewitching and captivating. Wave is a sound oscillation, so the symbol of the brand I expressed by visualization of the oscillation, energetic and bright as imperishable music! Creating a mood resonance of the brand’s insistence with its target audience.

Client: WAVE

«WAVE» is one of my most difficult projects. To translate emotions and feelings from one environment — sound, to a completely different one — visual, turned out to be a difficult and very interesting task.

At the very beginning, I was faced with the fact that the plastic letters do not fit into a single wave. With this option, the first three letters are glued together, the letter «a» completely disappears, and «e» treacherously does not fit into the wave dynamics.

Working on the logo, experimenting with forms, I created more than sixty ideas of the style. I am especially proud of the fact that I managed to find solutions, and now I am happy to represent the WAVE brand.