«Enjourney» is a unique social network for travel lovers. I was faced with a complex task, to think over the mechanics and algorithms of the network itself, to develop the design of the web-site and the brand identity, as well as to lead the team of developers and editors.

Client: Enjourney, Alexey Zvyagintsev

2019 / Behance Interaction
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the development of a logo design and corporate identity

The result of this work was a successful brand and a modern fully adaptive social network that can help visitors to tell about their travels, get information about countries, share experiences and find new friends.

The basis of the style is based on the key idea of the project — impressions, photos and photo reports. In the logo there is a camera, with a lens in the letter «O», and in stylistic details — photos. These «photo cards» is a recognizable style of the brand. They can be combined in any sequence, adding countless unique branded patterns, easily turning almost any surface into a branded one.

What are the main problems solved by «Enjourney»?

Easily get travel information from other people and share yours. If earlier it was necessary to search on different sites, check the relevance and reliability, now it is enough to go to «Enjourney» and do a couple of clicks to see live reviews and real photos. If you have already traveled, there is a great opportunity to share your experiences with other people.

The idea of «Enjourney» arose at Alexey Zvyagintsev. In the early stages, there was no specific presentation of the project. Professional designers, including me, were tasked to offer their vision based on the thoughts of Alexey. We worked independently from each other.

Design ideas were presented for General voting in open areas. My concept won by a wide margin, about 70% of the people were for it. It is noteworthy that this picture was about the same in different communities. I remember the delight of the people, and Alexey — all of it inspired me. Alexey offered me to lead the project team.

And although by that time I already had considerable experience in web design and management, it was a real challenge for me. The scale of the project is global, the budget is for a small staff of specialists with tight deadlines. I am very pleased to state a successful result: in September 2015 we launched a beta version, which received good feedback from the audience.

Key features of the project:

  • 1. Wide content selection settings, fine filters.
  • 2. The ability to create several of your social feeds and customize the flow of different content there.
  • 3. Convenient creation of photo reports and notes.
  • 4. Flexible report display settings (photo size, colors, fonts).
  • 5. Map services (maps with Wi-Fi passwords in airports worldwide, drone flight zones and others).
  • 6. The ability to create your own travel map, marking already visited countries or planned to visit.
  • 7. Extensive encyclopedia of countries with editorial material.
  • 8. Reviews and news feeds from employees and partners of the project.
  • 9. Integration with other networks.
  • 10. Private messages.
  • 11. Unique rating algorithms, thanks to which users receive publications of the best quality. And popular authors get free promotion on the resource.