«Mystical beasts» — extraordinary cycle of paintings in a unique style. Each painting is dedicated to a human condition and sensation, reflected in the image of a mystical beast.

What is so special about these pictures? This is a boost of energy. «Griffin» is the energy of rage, liberation from the chains of doubts and fear. This is a fast and ultimate dash to the goal!

Series: Mystical beasts / 2019
Condition: constructive rage
Unique style #BayraStyle



Why «Mystical Beasts»? When the viewer looks at the picture, he automatically «tries» it on himself. It is easier to associate yourself with any animal, especially a fictional one, than with other figures. And this simplifies the state transfer process.

Mystical beasts: Griffin. Artist Oxana Bayra. New Generation Art

«Go on and do it!»

A unique style combines abstraction and concrete images. With the help of the concreteness in the image, I begin to set the direction of the viewer’s thoughts. And then, I blur an image with abstract forms in such a way as to support the general direction through psychological perception of colour and shapes and at the same time give the viewer imagination freedom. Looking at a picture, each person finishes it in his own way, choosing his own associations from personal experience.

The painting is executed in a unique author's style, created at the intersection of painting and graphic design. It was printed from a digital original using a high-tech method, which allows us to convey the smallest details of the workshop at the highest level! High-quality satin-coated paper shimmers with a soft silky sheen and does not adhere to the glass.

Now pictures are available for order! All paintings are protected from fake.

Size: 60 ✕ 42 cm;
Limited edition: 3 instances;
Price: 89 $
Free worldwide shipping. Order.

Size: 120 ✕ 85 cm (original size);
Limited edition: 1;
Price: 1 200 $
Free worldwide shipping. Order.

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